Sakkal Times Pune, 29 July 2018

Nothing but extraordinary

Have you ever heard about a start-up which was born out of a crazy idea? Well, Atrangi, as its name suggests, was. The journey of Atrangi began when Gautam and Parinita Sharma were travelling in Goa and met one young woman in the local flea market. She approached them with what they call an Atrangi earring...

Talking about the challenges that they face, Gautam points out that e-commerce is not easy. “Unless you are a well known brand, people don’t spend or hesitate to do a transaction on your website due to the fear of online fraud. However, good product reviews and google reviews about business help the customer in making a decision and word of mouth awareness through friends, family and customers helps the business to pick up,” he says....continue reading » »

Bangalore Times, 6 Dec 2017

These action figures and superheroes carry a green message

Artists at the recently held Comic Con in Bengaluru showed us that going green can be fun. Gautam Sharma, who had a stall of action figurines made of spare parts and boxes made of computer keyboards, says that his love for comic characters translates into his work. “Since my wife and I love action figures and characters, and we know that people love them as well, we designed these figurines and took them to people who make them. Our motive is to bring forth the work of these artists, with the message of upcycling,” says Gautam.

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Namaste Telangana, 23 Oct 2017

అత్రంగి.. హస్తకళల వేదిక

This is a pair of newly-born couple who are differently living.

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Telangana Today, 22 Oct 2017

High on the quirk factor

Gautam and Parineeta Sharma of Atrangi share the story behind curating their unusual products.

Spark plugs, nut bolts, clutch kits, washer, engine and wheel chain, bearings, these things bring images of bikes or cars to mind, metal art is not something that necessarily figures in that list. But as one enters the home of Atrangi founders, Gautam and Parineeta Sharma, it soon becomes clear that spark plugs are a byword in their lineup of ‘out of the box’ products.
Started in 2015, the duo came up with the idea of curating quirky products that drew heavily on concepts of recycling and upcycling. “Atrangi means extraordinary or unusual which defines our products. Both of us love travelling and would often seek out local craftsmen and artists in the countries we visited. We would see all these beautiful stuff around us and thought why not curate it on a platform. Everything you see on our website is handpicked from different countries,” says Parineeta Sharma who used to work as cabin crew with Emirates airlines previously.

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